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INCM não demonstra evidências de concorrência desleal entre Tmcel, Vodacom e Movitel

INCM shows no evidence of unfair competition between Tmcel, Vodacom and Movitel

INCM resorts to strategy of not specifying legal bases for imposing new tariffs INCM presents no evidence of anti-competitive tariff practices between the three telephone operators in the country The Competition Regulatory Authority (ARC) says that the National Communications Institute of Mozambique (INCM) is acting irregularly within its...

INCM violou a Lei das telecomunicações, segundo a ARC e deve revogar a medida

INCM violated the Telecommunications Act, according to ARC and must revoke the measure

The increase in telecommunications tariffs by Mozambique's National Communications Institute violates the Telecommunications Law, according to the Competition Regulatory Authority (ARC). The ACR says that the resolution that dictated the increase in prices charged by mobile phone companies should not only be suspended, as recommended by the government...

Novas notas e moedas do Metical entram hoje em circulação

New Metical notes and coins come into circulation today

The new series of Metical banknotes and coins enter into circulation today throughout the country, the Governor of the Bank of Mozambique, Rogério Zandamela, announced on Saturday. The notes of one thousand (1000 meticais), five hundred (500 meticais) and two hundred (200 meticais) are produced on a durable paper substrate, 100% cotton. And the most widely circulated notes, namely...

MINEDH adquire 161 viaturas 4X4 Triton​. ​Alunos continuam sem livros e professores sem salários extras

MINEDH acquires 161 4X4 Triton vehicles. Students still without books and teachers without extra salaries

The Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH) has imported 161 cars to be distributed throughout the country to district education directorates and services, supposedly at the service of education. Of the 25% of the state budget earmarked for the education sector, around 85% is for paying salaries and the rest for investments. The acquisition value...

Propostos 48 milhões de meticais para magistrados não deter cabecilhas do branqueamento de mais de 330 milhões de dólares

48 million meticais proposed for magistrates not to arrest ringleaders of the laundering of more than 330 million dollars

As part of the Stop Money Laundering "Stop BC" operation launched by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which has already led to the arrest of Nuro Gulam's brother, MP and judicial magistrates are denouncing pressure, bribes and threats. According to Notícias, these attacks come via the organized crime syndicate, in order to obstruct the operation....

Venâncio Mondlane deixa de ser membro da Renamo

Venâncio Mondlane is no longer a member of Renamo

Venâncio Mondlane is no longer a member of Renamo and a deputy of this party in the Assembly of the Republic. In a letter to the party and Parliament, the politician explains that the decision is the result of "a deep awareness of the need to seek more efficient means and a favorable political sphere to continue...

Zambézia: Pio Matos concorreu sozinho e perdeu. Cafadine Manasse já não será deputado na AR

Zambézia: Pio Matos ran alone and lost. Cafadine Manasse will no longer be a member of parliament

Throughout the country, the provincial committees of the Frelimo party are working to elect the head of the list for governor of the province and the pre-candidates for deputies in the Assembly of the Republic. So far, the biggest irregularities have come from Zambézia province, where the majority of the members of that body have stamped Pio's incompetence...

Governo suspende novas tarifas de telefonia móvel após contestação social

Government suspends new mobile phone tariffs after social protest

The Mozambican government has just ordered the immediate suspension of the new minimum tariffs practiced by mobile phone companies for voice calls, SMS and data, recently approved by the regulator. The measure comes after intense social protest over the new mobile phone tariffs approved by the regulator, the Mozambican National Communications Institute (Instituto Nacional de...