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Seven rich countries are looking for Mozambican labor for seven million jobs

Mozambican citizens are being called upon to apply for job opportunities in seven rich countries that are currently facing labor shortages in various areas. An advertisement published today in the newspaper Notícias indicates that Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Russia and the United States of America have around seven million job vacancies...

A liderança responsável e a construção de um espaço ideal para trabalhar

Responsible leadership and building an ideal place to work

We are increasingly questioning the environments in which we work, regardless of the position we hold. At Absa Bank Moçambique, creating an atmosphere that serves the work purpose of all employees is fundamental to the company's growth and career progression. To this end, and in order to maintain a healthy organizational culture,...

Banco Nacional de Investimento anuncia nova comissão Executiva

National Investment Bank announces new executive committee

Abdul Jivane is the new President of the Executive Committee of the National Investment Bank (BNI) as a result of a resolution by the state shareholder to replace Tomás Matola as President of the bank's Executive Committee. According to the newspaper Domingo, Jivane had been Executive Director of the state-owned bank since 2015, and has a degree in...


Luísa Diogo appointed Non-Executive Director of Absa Group

The Absa Group announced this Wednesday that Luísa Diogo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Absa Bank Moçambique, has been appointed Non-Executive Director of the Absa Group, and will now hold both positions. In a statement, Absa highlights Luísa Diogo's long career and her recognized competence and professional experience in the economic and financial...


Nyusi orders payment of FDS salaries under the old system. "The salary is sacred"

The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, today ordered the payment of salaries to members of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), who have not yet received them, using the system prior to the Single Salary Table (TSU), immediately, starting next Monday. "While the platform for processing special salaries has not yet been completed, the remaining...

Académico moçambicano Francisco Noah entra para a Academia de Ciências de Lisboa

Mozambican academic Francisco Noah joins the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Professor and literary critic Francisco Noa has been a member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences since July 6. The Mozambican academic occupies the "seat" of the ACL among the foreign corresponding members of the class of letters, to which José Paulo Cavalcanti, Maria Encarnação Beltrão Sposito, Roberto Vecchi, Michel Dupuis, Allan Williams,... have also been admitted.