Canada disburses $5 million to communities in Gorongosa National Park

The Government of Canada will disburse five million Canadian dollars to improve the living conditions of communities around Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, it was announced Tuesday.

"The project has a special focus on women and girls and will contribute to improving access to basic social services of quality health and education and to expanding livelihoods," Gorongosa National Park, one of Mozambique's most important conservation areas, said in a statement.

The project, called "Peace through Economic Action and Community Empowerment," will run for five years, a period during which a number of "integrated approach" and community-centered initiatives will be developed to combat poverty and improve inclusion.

"The project offers an opportunity to promote human dignity and economic and social empowerment of the poorest and most vulnerable, especially women and girls in an environment of peace and inclusive governance," the note adds.

Gorongosa National Park is today one of Mozambique's main conservation areas, with a wide variety of wildlife.

It is located in Sofala province, at the southern end of the East African Rift Valley, with an area of about 4,000 square kilometers.

Gorongosa Park is home to some of the continent's biologically richest and most geologically diverse ecosystems, and is currently being revalued with various initiatives after being heavily affected by Mozambique's 16-year civil war.

Lusa Agency

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