SADC truckers threaten to paralyze activity in the Beira corridor

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Truck Drivers Association has threatened to paralyze its activity in the Beira corridor, in protest against alleged cases of illicit charges by traffic police.

"If it persists, truckers will have no choice but to stop or park their vehicles at the borders," reads a letter from the SADC Truck Drivers Association sent to the Sofala Provincial Anti-Corruption Office...

In the two-page letter signed by the president of the Zambia-based SADC Truck Drivers Association, the organization claims that cases of illicit charges have been occurring in the Beira, Machipanda, and Tete corridors, calling the situation "unbearable."

According to the document, truckers are required to pay the traffic police amounts ranging from 300 meticais to 500 meticais for each control, in addition to high amounts charged at the tolls installed in the corridors.

The Sofala Provincial Office for Combating Corruption on Wednesday met with commanders of the Mozambican Republic Police and, in statements to the media in Beira, confirmed receipt of the letter, advancing the importance of an investigation to clarify the cases.

The Beira corridor, via National Road No. 6 (EN6), is one of the most used for cargo transport to neighboring landlocked countries.

The corridor includes the port of Beira, the Machipanda railway line (connecting Mozambique and Zimbabwe) and the EN6.

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